Bev Cochrane

Potentially a dark horse in this year’s race, Bev has produced some exquisite travel and journalistic portrait photographs that deliver a perfect balance between light and shadow, combine this along with his razor-sharp eye for striking lines and the result is a portfolio worthy of any photographer. Bev has been on a personal mission is year and has been trying to research the best way to take portrait shots in low light as she knew this would be the environment she would be in. Her images are proof that learning and preparation is key with this style of photography. Her images are powerful and eye-catching, the personalities of the subjects ooze out which leaves the viewer wanting to know more.

Bev’s Quote: “I have a passion for landscape photography, and who wouldn’t living in New Zealand! But my travels take me to some interesting places with more than interesting people; I really enjoy photographing people from different cultures going about their everyday lives; it’s a great way of making a connection with them too.”