Bev Trainer

Bev is a woman of many photographic talents, never afraid to put his camera at something new, but it was her 2019 insect photographs that caught our attention. It seems there’s always been an interest in the world of wildlife with Bev, her gallery is awash with creatures big and small, as well as a multitude of landscapes and images from her travels. Using her macro lens and creates microscopic views into a world we would never otherwise see.

Bev’s Quote: ” I have enjoyed taking snapshots throughout my life but only started to take photography seriously as a hobby in the last couple of years.  Since joining IPhotography I have learnt so much with regards to composition, lighting and the different genres of photography. Landscape photography has always inspired me as I attempt to capture the beautiful and ever-changing scenery around me. In the past 12 months I have also discovered a passion for macro photography, magnifying details that the eye might not otherwise see. In 2020, I plan to continue my education in photography and hopefully learn some better editing techniques.”