Jeremy Wood

Jeremy came soaring into the iPhotography community in April of this year, and his first image of a black kite, was awarded with a gold medal, from there Jeremy had set the high standard for what was about to follow. Jeremy’s shots are a feast for the eye and a joy to behold, the detail he manages to capture is second to none and has the students and the tutors left dripping with envy.

Jeremy’s Quote: “I see myself as predominantly a wildlife photographer, struggle with landscapes and am getting interested in photographing dogs. I am inspired by so many photographers, they don’t have to be a “name”. It’s all about capturing the moment and seeing something that perhaps no-one else does. Over the past year my style has developed and I am getting a better understanding of what I want to achieve with my photography. I am now able to “see” the shot I want before taking it and more adept at recognising opportunities. I like minimalistic, simple shots and lots of use of negative space. I also like to get a different perspective than the norm; something no-one else would have shot. I like to isolate my subject and aim to do as much in camera as possible, mainly due to my limited ability in post-production, for which I use Lightroom. I am so excited to have been shortlisted – it really is beyond my dreams! I am committed to improving my photography and am planning to set up a small studio at home to concentrate on macro and still life images.”