Noreen Thorn

Noreen is a name you will all be familiar with, either by her images or the amazing feedback she leaves students, which is what our iPhotography community is all about. It’s clear that Noreen never leaves the house without her camera and is always sharing her experiments and findings in our community. With several #POTD and #Weekendchallenge ‘wins’ under her belt her adaptability is what sees her gain those titles; from abstract to landscapes, street to sunsets, Noreen has proven nothing fazes her!

Noreen’s Quote: “Since losing my Mum a couple of years ago I have more time to concentrate on my photography, which I’ve always enjoyed but always on Auto! My love of nature and being outdoors gives me the inspiration to try and capture some of the beauty in front of me. Having treated myself to a Macro lens I love the attention to detail and being part of the whole new world this brings. I use Canon’s editing software and Pixlr to try and enhance these natural images, but this is still a big learning process. I have learnt so much from the I photography course and fellow students and this has given me the confidence to try new techniques, angles and compositions, now all on Manual!”