Scott Dunham

Scott transports us to the skies with his images, and he will often be seen with his camera at local air shows! His passion for the subject and the unique genre is what turns heads in the gallery. This is definitely something iPhotography has ever seen before, the skies are really the limit! Timing the shutter right can be an almighty project so only the right personality can endure the patience needed for this type of work. Scott will shoot around 800+ photos in 20 minute and his record was 11,000 captures over a two-day event!

Scott’s Quote: “Do I have a style? I am not sure I do, I just love photography. I suppose my favourite subject is wildlife and animals but am just as happy photographing plants, portraits, abstracts or quirky subjects, I just love the challenge of getting ‘the shot’, where you think – I like that. I do a little post-processing, but this is limited to cropping and adjustments to exposure and colour using the most basic of editors. I have yet to delve into the world of photoshop! My family are incredibly patient when on every outing I am continually stopping to photograph a random bee or flower, it must be infuriating!”