Susan Sienko

Our 2018 awards saw Susan being recognised for her creative light paintings, but 2019 has seen Susan travelling to a brand new realm of photography and entering the world of portraits. Susan has really pushed herself this year and has really played on creating unique characters to capture, inspired somewhat by the steam-punk era, she’s created a style all her own! She knows how to combine texture, location and colour to create drama and excitement for all to enjoy! We love this new direction she’s going in.

Susan’s Quote: “Inspiration is everywhere once you slow down a little and really take a good look. Take note of patterns and textures and how a slight change of your angle changes the entire composition. I enjoy macro and that tends to carry over in my current favorite of portraiture as I love to get up close and personal when photographing people. Lightroom and Portrait Pro are the editing software I use the most. I never really got the hang of Photoshop.”