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Course Content


1. Beginner Course

6hr 12 Topics Incomplete

12 Topics

Masking Masterclass

30min Incomplete

Water Bubbles

16min Incomplete

Underwater Scene

20min Incomplete

Party Bubbles

23mins Incomplete

Abstract Effects

15min Incomplete

Urban Backgrounds

31min Incomplete

Branding Logos

33min Incomplete

Creative Advertising

36min Incomplete

Atmospheric Poster

45min Incomplete

Marketing Credits

20min Incomplete

Liquid Metal Text

45min Incomplete

Shattered Type Text

28min Incomplete

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2. Intermediate Course

6hr 20min 12 Topics Incomplete

12 Topics

Flying Out of Bounds

31min Incomplete

Reaching Out

20min Incomplete

Creating Smoke

29 Incomplete

Surreal Dream Scene

40min Incomplete

Misty Seascape

30min Incomplete

Sci-Fi Montage

26min Incomplete

Fantasy Portrait

39min Incomplete

Applying Body Art

19min Incomplete

Masking Fur

27min Incomplete

Swapping Animal Skin

19min Incomplete

Melting Wax

48min Incomplete

Chocolate Frog

1hr Incomplete

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3. Advanced Course

11hr 40min 12 Topics Incomplete

12 Topics

Orb Special Effects

42min Incomplete

Morphed Creatures

53min Incomplete

Stone Bust Portrait

1hr 14min Incomplete

The Invisible Man

1hr 7min Incomplete

Breaking Apart

25min Incomplete

Square Fruit

34min Incomplete

Vanishing Point

25min Incomplete

Vector Greeting Cards

48min Incomplete

Vector Art Portrait

1hr 28min Incomplete

Pop Art

22min Incomplete

Stylised Characters

1hr 15min Incomplete

Painting a Portrait

2hr 29min Incomplete

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