H2 Subheading

H2 headings are to be size: 42 (desktop) in Montserrat all in caps. Headings should therefore be short and snappy, to fit on one line.

Inline Heading H4: 18pt

Body text Montserrat regular size 16px. Text colour on white background #666666

Icon Size: 64pt

Body text Montserrat regular size 16px. Text colour on white background #666666

Montserrat Medium

Body text Montserrat regular size 16px. Text colour on white background #666666

H2 WHite Title in caps

Body text montserrat size 16pt. Text colour on a black background #ffffff
Text should be centralised and kept to a minimum. These paragraphs should be 4 lines long max with a line height of 1.8em for breathing space.

H2 Subheading

Background accent can be achieved using a gradient where the start and ending percentages are the same. The background is designed to be a subtle break to large amounts of text and is therefore not vital in every section. Ideally, it will cut through an image, as below.

H2 Subheading

At iPhotography we see over 2,000 photos entered into our private student gallery each month and we love to reward our fantastic, creative students. All of our competitions are fun and free to enter, simply by uploading your image to the iPhotography feedback gallery.

Weekend Challenges

Each Friday you’ll receive a short email with a simple (optional) photography challenge that you can do in your spare time. Weekend Challenges are fun, fast and perfect for beginners!

Photo of the Day

The iPhotography tutors search the student gallery for eye-catching photographs, insane imagery and inspiring individuality to award the #POTD winning title.

End of Year Competitions

The iPhotography annual student awards is a chance for our students to celebrate and vote for your favourite photographers and images over the past 12 months.

Top 10 Images of the Month

Each month the iPhotography team put together a blog post featuring the Top 10 Rated images of the month. These images are chosen by their medal rating in the gallery.

H2 WHite Title in caps

It’s not just a course – it’s a community!
Photography can be a daunting existence, but starting today you won’t have to do this alone anymore!

As a newly pledged iPhotographer, you’ll get access to our private, vibrant and ever-expanding online networking area where you’ll be able to ask questions, get support and connect with like-minded photographer from all over the world.

Click the toggles below for an overview of our community forums:

Main Discussion Forum
For general questions, tips and advice, interact with fellow students and more!
Welcome Forum
New here? Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the community.
Share your recommendations. Cameras you like, equipment you use, handy suppliers, buying tips…
Talk Location
Share your favourite places and locations to shoot.
For Sale/Wanted
Looking to buy or sell cameras, lenses and other equipment then post your ad here.

Tutor Support

Our team of experienced professional photographers are on standby to help you during the course, whether that’s to assess your assignments and provide you with personal online feedback or to answer questions about the content. Within the course dashboard area, you’ll find your tutor contact department which you can use at anytime.

We also have a separate customer service team who can help with general support questions about your course registration.

Enhance your skills

The iPhotography blog is bustling with new tips and tricks to enhance your photography skills. Follow the latest trends as well as some of the more traditional techniques as you travel along your photographic community with us.

Fancy yourself as a writer/blogger as well as a photographer? We are now accepting submissions from iPhotography students to submit a blog post to feature on the iPhotography website.

H2 WHite Title in caps

Finish with a black call to action box, with the aim of the page written here. This will then blend into the footer on the front end of the website.
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