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As part of our commitment to making iPhotography PLUS a premium community of creative photographers, we want to offer you the tools to achieve these goals.

Therefore, in your Kit Bag you’ll find educational guides, downloadable assets, editing tools and tip sheets to complement your on-going photography adventure.

Reference Book


Being an iPhotography PLUS member we invite you to download our fantastic Reference Book. Loaded with clear visuals, directions and descriptions about many vital photographic teachings, techniques and standards, this is a great backup to your iPhotography courses.

Filled with info about aperture, shutter speed, focus stacking, colour splashes and more. You’ll never have an excuse not to master these techniques with this FREE download.

Download your copy of this fantastic book below.


Pick up your Premium Edition of iPhotography’s Tip Book now. Being a member of iPhotography PLUS you can now download this incredible e-book for FREE. Packed with simple insights & explanations about Drive Modes, Focus Stacking, Histograms, Exposure Bracketing and more!

On top of this, it’s filled with great tips about how to get the best landscapes, wildlife, boudoir, vehicles and pet photos.

Download your Premium Edition of this fantastic book below.

Quick Guides

Nearly half of the world’s households have a pet of some sorts. If you’re one of those people who loves to snuggle up with your cat or go for a walk with man’s best friend, then read these quick tricks for taking amazing portraits of your fluffiest family member.

If you are an animal lover and enjoy trips to the Zoo, then we’ve put together these 5 essential secrets used by professional photographers to capture incredible wildlife photos.

bird photo

There are so many passionate bird photographers out there trying their best capture pin sharp avian portraits. We’ve created a guide of the top 10 tips that you’ll need to know so you don’t get in a flap!

If you love the great outdoors and want to capture amazing shots of those wonderful vistas, then don’t scroll on. Download these 5 tips to help you master landscapes.

Use this portrait lighting guide to capture dynamic and flattering photographs. Position your light source appropriately to create the following techniques.

It’s forgivable for anybody to forget what all those settings on your camera dial mean. We thought it was important to explain what each function does so you can break out of AUTO mode.

As a special addition we have added in a beautiful guide to Boudoir photography. For anyone wanting to add a more personal touch to their portrait clients, we’ve got fantastic and flattering tips. Hit the download button to find out all about how to pose, light and compose your subject for impressive photographs.

Learn the best tips on how to make you motor gleam. Download this list of top tricks of composition and styling to increase the style of your automotive photography.

Starting these passion projects requires dedication and a drive to succeed. Download this universal guide on how to prepare your thinking for the long road ahead.

Get yourself the all-important iPhotography+ Checklist. Find out how to prepare your camera, tripod, batteries and other accessories for an adventure!

10 Tips to Photographing Flowers (Giveaway) web sized

10 Floral Photography Tips

If you want to improve your flower photography download this Top 10 Tips for floral photography success!

Reference Sheets

Colour Wheel

It’s important to consider the colour wheel whenever you are setting up your shot. Do the colours work together? Or do they clash? Download this reference sheet and learn how primary, secondary and tertiary hues are grouped together.

Portrait LX Diagrams

Front, Back, Side and Rim lighting may sound very easy to set up but it still doesn’t hurt to offer some assistance to any new photographers joining our iPhotography Courses. Download this little companion to give you a better understanding between the light, subject and your camera.

The 500 Rule

When you’re photographing stars at night and you’re trying to keep that twinkle nice and sharp you’ll need to make sure you’re using the 500 Rule. Download our handy cheat sheet to help you calculate your maximum shutter speed.

Flash Guide Numbers

Guide Numbers are crucial to understand whenever you turn on your flash. You need to know is your flash powerful enough to expose correctly. Download our Guide Number chart to help you understand the relationship between your flash and its maximum reach.

50 Week Photo Project Ideas

Start a ’52-week’ photo project at any point during the year with our inspirational guide.

Concentrate on one theme every week and upload your effects to the iPhotography gallery .

Try to be as creative as possible with each theme. Don’t be scared to edit!

Free Stock Photo Websites

If you love compositing photos together but can never find the right images try stock photo websites.

While you can pay for each download there are some brilliant sites which offer free and unlimited downloads. Look out for sites such as Pexels, Pixabay and Unsplash.

HD Backgrounds

Download this pack of 4 HD backgrounds for you to use in your photo editing. 

Perfect for a bold splash of colour to replace dull, boring backgrounds or as an overlay to create abstract designs.

Each file is 3600px on the longest size and available in Tropical, Rose, Lime or Aqua. 

Courtesy of iPhotography member Michelle Humphrey download these 7 additional background files. 

From beautiful bokeh in 3 different colours to a Sci-Fi themed galactical explosion for those more contemporary designs.

Ideal for small-mid scale editing projects. 

Modern Backgrounds

Download 2 HD funky modern background files for your creative composites. Each background file is 3600px on the longest side compatible with all types of editing software.

Space Sparkle

Add a little sparkle to your backgrounds with this high-resolution HD Star background file for compositing.

Don’t forget to share your results with the iPhotography gallery.

iPhotography Wallpaper

Desktop Wallpaper Infographic

It’s always good to have a little companion with you when you’re studying photography. This is why we’ve custom made a photography wallpaper for you to download for your laptop, PC or Mac. Filled with simple graphics to help those camera essentials sink in whenever you’re online (or offline). 

Texture Files

Get yourself  HD backgrounds for your photo editing.

This latticed style background is scaled at 3600px x 2400px and looks great behind portraits.

Contract Templates

If you want to turn your photography into a business then you’re going to need to get streetwise.

Download this basic photography contract or model release form as a template for creating your own legal paperwork.

Disclaimer: iPhotography (and parent company Digital Sea Ltd) are not responsible for any damages, lawsuits, or disputes that may arise from the use of these templates. They are intended as guidelines only rather than comprehensive, complete contract/release forms.

Photoshop Actions

What’s an Action?

Actions are automated processes in Photoshop that can do a variation of pre-determined functions. They are designed to cut down your editing and designing time when applying the same effects to lots of different images. We’ve designed exclusive actions for iPhotography+ members to download.

New Actions

Make your shots look like a crazy blue-print. Add a double layering effect with a simple touch of a button. Works great with most style shots.
Cast of veil of plum across all your blue tones. Watch for your skies becoming psychadelic – just like a night out in the 70’s.
Add a bit of a retro vibe to your photographs with iPhotography’s Blue Vintage Photoshop action. Works best on landscapes.
Create a heavily stylised and abstract finish with our Fractured action. Great for the hipsters out there. We find it works best on portraits.
Create a crazy, psychedelic kaleidoscopic view of the world with this innovative action. Crop your photo square before using.  Works best on portraits and abstract shots.
Make a little globe out of your photographs with this super simple action. Crop to a panoramic ratio before you play the action (3:1 or 4:1). Works best on cityscapes and landscapes.
Go back in time and make your photographs look like a vintage style created by the father of photography Louis Daguerre himself! Works great on any type of shot.

More Actions (.atn)


Add in a psychedelic blend of saturated colour and transformative perspectives with just one click.

‘Bright Lights’

Add in a high key contrast effect to your photographs with just one click.


Add in double-framed effect to your photographs with just one click.

‘Colour Blast’

Colour Blast increases the blue tones while softening the red channel to make a colder, but vivid change.

‘Summer Sun’

Add a bit of summer sun to your editing with this warm and vibrant Photoshop action designed to increase red and yellow tones for that sun-kissed effect. Compatible with versions of Photoshop CC.

‘Dark Night’

If you prefer your shots to carry that dark and mysterious atmosphere then download this ‘Dark Night’ Photoshop action to mute and subdue scenes. Compatible with versions of Photoshop CC.

Moody Mountains

Add a little warmth with the Coffee Cup Lightroom CC Preset or go dark with the Moody Mountains Photoshop Action.
Moody Mountains Example

‘Ghost in the Machine’

Get all crazy and creative with this ‘Ghost in the Machine’ Photoshop action. Adding a soft blur to an inverted glowing edge effect gives an interesting photo edit indeed. Compatible with Photoshop CC.
ghost in the machine before example


Give your urban photography a monotone look with a twist. This Photoshop action delivers an outer framing to your photo with a softly blurred edged to give that professional delivery. Compatible with Photoshop CC.
streetwalk before example

Brushes (.abr)

Discover extra brushes to use inside Photoshop to make your photography more creative.

Protect Your Work

It’s important to protect your work with a simple and distinctive watermark. We’ve designed 2 exclusive iPhotography watermarks for you to download as Photoshop brushes. Perfect for Photoshop users who want to show off their.

If you want to know more about creating a watermark of your own, check out this brilliant guide.

Lightroom Presets

Download our custom made Lightroom CC presets to enhance your photographs with just one click. Presets are a perfect way of batch editing photographs with the same effect when you’re in a hurry!

Available Lightroom Presets

Protect Your Work

Let the world know where you got your crazy mad Lightroom skills from.

Add your members-only Photography Lightroom watermark to your photos.

Download the file and go to EDIT > EDIT WATERMARKS in Lightroom to upload this exclusive PNG file.

Trained by IPL Thumbnail

Affinity Photo Presets

Download our 5 custom made Affinity Photo LUTs to enhance your photographs with just one click. 

From black and white, to vintage and classic effects these 5 LUTs give you great foundations for a stylish photo!

Download Your 5 Exclusive LUTs

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