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As part of our commitment to making iPhotography PLUS a premium community of creative photographers, we want to offer you the tools to achieve these goals.

Therefore, in your Kit Bag you’ll find educational guides, downloadable assets, editing tools and tip sheets to complement your on-going photography adventure.


Being an iPhotography PLUS member we invite you to download our fantastic Reference eBook. Loaded with clear visuals, directions and descriptions about many vital photographic teachings, techniques and standards, this is a great backup to your iPhotography courses.

Filled with info about aperture, shutter speed, focus stacking, colour splashes and more. You’ll never have an excuse not to master these techniques with this FREE (RRP £9.95) download.

Download your copy of this fantastic eBook below.


Pick up your Premium Edition of iPhotography’s Tip eBook now. Being a member of iPhotography PLUS you can now download this incredible ebook for FREE (RRP £9.95).

Packed with simple insights & explanations about DSLR camera Drive Modes, Focus Stacking, Histograms, Exposure Bracketing and more! On top of this, it’s filled with great tips about how to get the best landscapes, wildlife, boudoir, vehicles and pet photos.

Download your Premium Edition of this fantastic eBook below.

Cheat Sheets

Nearly half of the world’s households have a pet. If you’re one of those people who loves to snuggle up with your cat or dog, then read these tricks for taking portraits of your fluffiest family member.

There are so many passionate bird photographers out there trying their best capture pin sharp avian portraits. We’ve created a guide of the top 5 tips that you’ll need to know so you don’t get in a flap!

If you are an animal lover and enjoy trips to the Zoo, then we’ve put together these 5 essential secrets. Successfully used by professional photographers to capture incredible wildlife photos – now we’re sharing them with you.

A guide to boudoir photography. Hit the download to find out how to pose and compose your model.

If you want to improve your flower photography download this Top 5 Tips for floral photography success!

Download this list of top tricks of composition and styling to increase the style of your automotive photography.

Want to capture amazing shots of those wonderful vistas Download these 5 tips to help you master landscapes.

Reference Sheets

52 Week Photography Challenge by iPhotography

52 Week Photo Project

Start a ’52-week’ photo project at any point during the year with our inspirational guide.

Try to be as creative as possible with each theme. Don’t be scared to edit!

1920x1200 IP Desktop Wallpaper Cover

PC/Mac Wallpaper

We’ve custom-made a photo wallpaper for you to download for your laptop, PC or Mac. Filled with simple graphics to help those camera essentials sink in whenever you’re online (or offline). 

Contract Templates

If you want to turn your photography into a business then you’re going to need to get streetwise. Download these templates to help inform your legal paperwork.

Background Files

Download this pack of 12 HD background template files for you to use in your photo editing. 

We’ve also included, courtesy of photographer Michelle Humphrey, 7 exclusive backgrounds too. From beautiful bokeh in various colours to a sci-fi themed galactical explosion for those more contemporary designs.

Each background file, being in JPG format, is compatible with all types of editing software.

IP Background File Collage

Photoshop Actions

What’s an Action?

Actions are automated processes in Photoshop that can do a variation of pre-determined functions. They are designed to cut down your editing and designing time when applying the same effects to lots of different images.

We’ve designed 11 exclusive actions for iPhotography PLUS members to download.

Add a double layering effect with a simple touch of a button. Works great with most style shots.

Cast of veil of plum across all your blue tones. Watch for your skies becoming psychadelic.

If you prefer shots with dark and mysterious atmospheres then download this action to mute scenes.

Add a bit of a retro vibe to your photographs with iPhotography’s Blue Vintage Photoshop action. Works best on landscapes.
ghost in the machine before example
Get all crazy and creative with this ‘Ghost in the Machine’ Photoshop action. Adding a soft blur to an inverted glowing edge effect gives an interesting photo edit indeed. Compatible with Photoshop CC.

Create a unique perspective and double-frame your photograph with just one click.

Add in a psychedelic blend of rich colour and creative perspectives.

Add in a high key contrast effect to your photographs with just one click.
Moody Mountains Example

Intensify your landscapes and go dark with this moody mountains PS action.

Photoshop Brushes

Discover the joy of brushes to use inside Photoshop. Just like an artist, you can now digitally paint-in objects to add effects to your photos.

Affinity Photo LUTs

What’s a LUT?

A LUT (look-up table), is much like a preset. Download our 5 custom-made Affinity Photo LUTs to enhance your photographs with just one click. 

From black and white, to vintage and classic effects these 5 LUTs give you great foundations for a stylish photo!

Lightroom Presets

What’s a Preset?

Much like actions, presets are automated processes apply a predetermined range of settings to your photo when editing.

They are designed to save you time when applying the same effects to lots of different images.

Download our 2 custom-made Lightroom presets to enhance your photographs with just one click.

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