iPhotography LR is the Complete Training Course that you need to Master Adobe Lightroom.

Presented by an experienced photographer, these 26 in-depth video tutorials will show you how to set up your software, create collections, edit, export and so much more.

iPhotography LR is perfect for beginners to the Lightroom software!

Whether you’re brand new to Lightroom or have some experience already, iPhotography LR is for you. It will take your knowledge to a whole new level!

26 In-Depth Lessons

Downloadable Resources

Talk to Professional Tutors 

Access to Private Gallery

Discover the Essential Lightroom Skills and Pro Tricks 

Adjust White Balance & Learn to Tone Landscapes

Retouch Portraits with Simple Tricks & Tips

iPhotography LR will provide you with all the key information that you need to enhance your photographs like a pro using Lightroom. The course has been purposely designed for beginners which means no prior knowledge or experience is required.

With over 5 hours of tutorials packed in 26 in-depth videos, we’ll lead you by the hand from the very basics up to more intermediate and advanced techniques. The lessons have been designed for you to watch sequentially as they layer information. Each lesson builds on your newly acquired knowledge and cements the learning experience.

We’ll even give you a zip file loaded with some of the images used on the course so that you can watch, then practice in Lightroom with the exact same examples. Here’s what you’ll discover on your Lightroom journey:

Setting Up Module 🕑1hr

Lesson 1: Importing Photographs

Lesson 2: Connecting your Hard Drive 

Lesson 3: Viewing your Images

Lesson 4: Creating Collections

Basic Adjustment Module 🕑 1hr 45mins

Lesson 1: White Balance

Lesson 2: Exposure

Lesson 3: Clarity, Vibrance & Luminance

Lesson 4: Tones & Contrast Curves

Lesson 5: Hue & Saturation 

Lesson 6: Split Toning

Lesson 7: Sharpening

Lesson 8: Lens Corrections

Lesson 9: Chromatic Aberration

Advanced Adjustments Module 🕑 1hr 30mins

Lesson 1: Crop Tool

Lesson 2: Horizon & Graduated Filters

Lesson 3: Brightening Eyes & Whitening Teeth

Lesson 4: Improving Skin Texture

Lesson 5: Portrait Retouching

Lesson 6: Adjustment Brushes

Lesson 7: Creating & Using Presets

Exporting Photographs Module 🕑 1hr 10mins

Lesson 1: Preparing for Print

Lesson 2: Advanced Print Setups

Lesson 3: Custom Print Presets

Lesson 4: Creating Photo Books

Lesson 5: Making a Slideshow

Lesson 6: Exporting for Web

Here’s What You Get Access to:
  • 26 packed video lessons – 5.5 hours of professional tuition, delivered instantly.
  • Lifetime course access – Unlimited access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Lightroom retouching skills – dramatically improves your photography.
  • Lightroom workflow skills – makes your photography easier and faster.
  • Downloadable work files – Follow along, step-by-step, with each lesson.
  • Suitable for all versions of Lightroom – fully compatible with your version of Lightroom.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee – try the course totally risk-free.
  • Who is this course suitable for? This course is designed for beginners, but even pro users will learn something.
  • What version of Lightroom is it for? The course has been created using Lightroom 5, but the core features of Lightroom are virtually identical in all versions. So no matter which version you have, we’ve got you covered!
  • What kinds of photos will I be able to use Lightroom for? You’ll get to watch us work on a wide variety of photos in the course, ranging from portraits to landscapes, architecture, events, fashion, sports, and more.
  • How long do I have access? You can view and review the course materials indefinitely, like an on-demand channel. You have lifetime access.
  • Can I download the modules? You can access the course 24/7 from any laptop, PC, Mac or tablet device provided you have internet access. It’s fully cross-compatible with all devices.


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