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Every day there’s a different question asked by the wonderful students of iPhotography. We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions into this quick read guide. Look through the tabs to solve the photography issue that you may be having. If you’ve got a technical query regarding the site, then feel free to contact our tutors or support team using the buttons above.

You do not need to purchase Photoshop or other image editing software to follow along, but ultimately it will be advantageous. Without the relevant software you'll struggle to practise the same techniques as shown.

The ability to edit your images is an important part of photography nowadays and no photography course would be complete without covering this vital area.

During modules 17 & 18 of the iPhotography, Portrait and Light Tricks courses, you will receive extensive training from our Photoshop expert on how to edit your images like a professional.

Some of techniques detailed in these lessons can be followed along (if you are familiar with the interface) with software such as Pixlr X.

These programs have many of the key features of Photoshop and Lightroom but not all. Please be aware, there will be several lessons that are harder (or impossible) to follower without having the ideal software.

Adobe offer a monthly subscription to their Creative Cloud services which include the latest version of Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC

Once you have completed each module test, you will be asked to `Unlock the next module` in a large purple button.
Even if you do not plan to move onto the next module that day, please make sure that you select this button. 
You’ll see points under your name when you log in to the iPhotography dashboard. These points are accrued over your time as an iPhotography student for a variety of actions, such as;
  • Logging in
  • Uploading a photo
  • Commenting on another student’s photo
  • Uploading an assignment
  • Completing a module

The iPhotography tutors use these points to build up and impression of active and engaged students in the community.

At the end of every year we have an annual student awards where the points form part of the judging process to decide which photographers make it on to our esteemed ‘Photographer of the Year’ shortlist. It’s by no means the only aspect we look at, your photography, as well as your community spirit is just as important.

Every Friday we announce a new Weekend Challenge for all students to compete on. It’s a extremely popular feature of our community and we get hundreds of entries every week which builds up an inspiring gallery of images. So how can you get involved?
Simple. Follow the theme that’s been set, but interpret it as creatively as you want. Here’s a guide for figuring out what the judging tutors look for in a winner.
Make sure you upload your entry by Monday 9am (UK time) in time for judging. *Photos uploaded after that deadline will not be considered in the judging. 
We’ll announce the winner a few hours later on the dashboard and social media.

All of our certified iPhotography courses have to meet agreed standards from our awarding body CPD. The tests in our modules are required to be taken in order for certification upon completion of the course. 

If you would prefer to complete your course without certification and skip the module tests then please contact our support team (use the form at the bottom of the page) to have your course unlocked. 

Please note, once unlocked you will not be eligible for a course certificate. This cannot be undone at a later stage.

Firstly congratulations on completing your course!
Every student completing an iPhotography course is eligble for a downloadable certificate to keep in their records. You will be prompted to download your certificate once all modules and tests have been passed and completed.
A notification will appear when you go in to your courses training area.
If you would prefer to upgrade your certificate to a premium hard copy version, that we post out to you, then please get in touch.
Premium certificates can take 5-7 days for delivery in the UK and up to 4 weeks for international students.

Never underestimate the power of word of mouth. This is why your recommendation of iPhotography to your friends and family should be rewarded.

We offer all students to become an iPhotography affiliate. That means that you can earn money by recommending friends to join any of our courses.

It’s free to become an affiliate and we’ve got all the information you need here

Sadly, many online courses are rarely updated because course providers get busy creating new courses and neglect their existing ones. iPhotography, on the other hand, are an accredited training company serving people from all over the world, as well as working with schools, colleges and international organisations.

We have a very real commitment to our clients and students to ensure that our courses are always kept up-to-date. Our business depends on it.

Our courses are no different and has been created by professional photographers who are at the cutting-edge of new techniques and new photographic technologies, as it emerges.

Updates to the course are carried out regularly so as to always be in line with changes to best practice and industry guidelines and requirements.

Yes, you can purchase the course on behalf of somebody else as a gift. Please get in touch with our tutor team so they can provide you with the best offer to do so.

Please Note: If you have purchased a Groupon voucher then you will need to use your own name and email address at the enrolment form so that it matches up with the voucher code that you purchased from Groupon.

However, once your voucher code has been processed at our website, you will then be given the option to register a different person onto the course.

Many of our courses consist of in-depth, interactive training units, plus tests, assignments and much more. You can find out about the specific modules of study by clicking on your class in the ‘courses’ tab of your menu.

All the units of study will be laid out with titles.

No. We assume that you at least own a camera of course, but there is no specific brand or type of camera or equipment that is required to take most of our courses. A regular Compact or Bridge camera is sufficient to get started because most of our courses places emphasis on how to take amazing photographs using whatever camera you have to hand.

However, please keep in mind that if you’re serious about photography then owning a DSLR will really help you to maximise the training provided in the course. While it is certainly very possible to follow along with more basic equipment, you may find it frustrating at times when you want to practise some of the more advanced techniques in the course.

Many of the features and tools in the menu are free to use for all members on any of our iPhotography courses.

But you’ll come across other options, such as SkillTrack™, Facebook Group and the Kitbag that you can’t access. This will either be because you aren’t registered for the course you’re trying to access, or you haven’t joined iPhotography PLUS.

Other courses, that you aren't currently registered to will also appear locked/greyed out. If you'd like to join a new course, choose from the menu to register.

We’re glad you asked! iPhotography PLUS is our premium subscription-based training community. It’s aimed at anyone wanting to improve their photography with a more personal and focused approach.

You can join iPhotography PLUS and continue with your chosen course(s), in fact it will only motivate you further to complete your training.

iPhotography PLUS features training tools such as SkillTrack™ interactive photography videos, which cover a wide range of photography skills. There are also regular photo critique videos for you to get direct, personal feedback on your shots as well as a private Facebook group for photo discussions, competitions, polls, quizzes and showcases.

All students can upload 4 images per day to the iPhotography gallery.

iPhotography PLUS members can upload 8 images per day to the gallery.

Don’t worry, there’s normally an easy fix to this. Firstly, make sure the image(s) you’re uploading follow these criteria:

  • JPG (not JPEG) file types only (no RAW, PNG or TIFF files please)
  • The longest size of your image must be under 2000px
  • Each file needs to be under 5MB

If you’re still having problems, please contact the tutor team.

The stars that you’ll see under photos in the gallery are part of our medal system. Whenever you leave a comment on someone else’s picture you’ll need to leave a rating out of 5 stars (1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest).

The more 5-star reviews you get the better your medal becomes.

  • 2 x 5-star ratings = bronze medal
  • 3 x 5-star ratings = silver medal
  • 4 x 5-star ratings = gold medal

The more 5-star ratings you get after that go to form our Top 10 Photos of the Month showcase. In the past students have been given over 20 5-star ratings to hit the top spot, so you know if you make it, you’ve earned it!

Oh, by the way, you can’t rate your own photo!

Of course, you can! We’re always looking for iPhotography students and freelance photographers to become guest writers and get involved in the community by bringing your experiences to the table. We believe everyone has a different take on photography and therefore a different story to tell.

  • Tell us about your new editing techniques
  • What tricks have you discovered recently?
  • Have you had a picture published? Tell us how you did it.
  • Been attempting to master a particular skill? Share your insights with the world!

We’ve got a dedicated page to explain the types of blogs we love to create and all the important technical details. Don’t be overwhelmed by the idea of writing a blog, it’s really simple and we’ll help out when you need.

Find out more here.

Our doors are always open to listen to your ideas and we love to collaborate! Especially with iPhotography students.

Creating an iPhotography course isn’t a quick process though, it can take time to research, plan, design, review, change, re-review, change, improve, enhance and test – but it’s totally worth it.

Maybe you’ve got a particular area of photography that you excel in and think you’d like to share that experience with others. We pride ourselves on making high quality, in depth, original, interactive photography training. You must be able to demonstrate your strengths and commitment to photography through a strong professional grade portfolio.

If you would like to discuss this further, then get in touch with our tutors.

Once you have completed your DofE approved iPhotography course you will be able to download your course completion certificate for your own records.

The AAP Manager for iPhotography will email you a copy of your Assessor’s Report for completing this skill activity. This report will also be submitted directly to your online eDofE account, providing you entered your eDofE ID number and Award level correctly upon course registration.

Please allow up to 72 hours for this process to be completed.

You will still retain lifetime access to the course material. You can continue to upload your work into our student gallery. If you have any further questions or issues please contact [email protected] 

If you are a participant taking the iPhotography course as part of your Duke of Edinburgh Award please use the course assessor information below for your record.

Name: Stephen Walton

Position: iPhotography Course Director / AAP Manager

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07749524392

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If you have a technical query related to your course account, please contact the support team.

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