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We are NOT currently accepting new guest articles. Please do not submit. Guest writing will be resume shortly so please check back for more information.

Fancy yourself as a writer/blogger as well as a photographer?

Want to show off your images to a wider audience? Or do you just have a topic on your mind you’d like to discuss with the world?

Well, we are now accepting submissions from iPhotography students to submit a blog post to feature on the iPhotography website. This is your opportunity to find a voice and tell us about your thoughts on the wider world of photography. Furthermore, it’s a fantastic chance to get your writing sent out to the iPhotography community of course students and social media audiences. Your work will reach out to 100,000 people!


There are 3 different types of blogs that we think would be engaging in the iPhotography community and the wider world. We’ve outlined a simple structure to each topic for you to write about to help you start off. Choose from one of these categories to base your blog around:


This is the type of blog where we see ‘a day in your photography life’. Through your normal research (i.e. location scouting, online research, diagrams, sketching etc) we’d like to see how you plan out your photographs through explanation and images.


We would also love to hear about how you shoot your picture (framing, composition) and camera settings that you’ve used.


Plus, if you do any post-production editing, we’d love to see any screenshots (or screen recording videos) that you do too, as well as the final image. This would benefit other students to see the mindset of more accomplished photographers and it helps them to see how achievable these skills are using the iPhotography courses.


This is a blog which will allow you to showcase your own photography portfolio. It’s a chance for you to discuss favourite images from your portfolio and explain what you love about the style(s) of photography you generally lean towards (portraits, landscapes, abstract etc).


You can talk about other photographers, artists or anything else that inspires your work. We’d love to find out how you source that inspiration in the first place (visits to museums, art galleries, reading etc.)


This type of article is a more personal look at you as a creative artist, not so much about the kit that you use. It’s very helpful to discuss how you find inspiration as it’s a creative block that many budding photographers face.


Guest writing about popular trends and starting debate will allow you to discuss more topics, as long as it’s about photography, then we’d love to hear it. In this type of blog, you can write about almost anything that you find interesting in the world of photography.


Maybe it’s an answer to a question that’s perplexed you for a while or trend in photography that you have views on. Obviously, we already have lots of blogs on iPhotography so we’re not looking for a repeat on any of them (so please check the blog page before submitting).


It may be about photographing dogs, your top tips for landscape, homemade hacks or even how to do some quirky editing in photoshop for example. 


If you’ve never written a blog before then don’t worry, it’s not that hard. We’ve put together a few little pointers to get you started:


As you may expect, any published articles will be subject to vetting by the iPhotography tutors. We will do standard proofreading and add in helpful links, keywords etc, to improve the SEO rankings.

We will try not to edit your text but only to make it more readable by breaking up sentences, adding in sub-headers, and moving the order around (if necessary).


Of course, you will be fully credited with the writing and we’ll include links to your website, feature your logo and use your own images in the blog too (please provide this information in your submission).


Any examples of your photographs, screenshots and camera set up are really important. If you are writing about trends, then don’t worry if you can’t find suitable images – we can do that for you.

By submitting a blog for publication to us then you are agreeing to these terms.

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